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Beachfront.iO is a mobile video advertising platform designed for app developers who want to monetize their mobile applications with video advertising.

Try our in-app advertising SDKs for iOS, Android, and Unity and drive more revenue for your apps.

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Maximize Revenue

Take advantage of high video CPM

Don’t waste valuable ad space. Our platform optimizes every advertising opportunity for the highest CPM and lowest latency, maximizing your profits.

Advanced Control

Manage your ads and ad sources. Choose how you want your ads delivered.

Decide your ad targeting parameters, frequency capping, and much more in order to deliver the highest performing ads in a manner acceptable to you.

Multiplatform integration

Mobile & Tablet Apps, Mobile Web, and Connected TV.

Stay on top of the current trends and technology. Our platform is built with multiplatform in mind so that you can monetize all of your users across Mobile, Web, and TV.

Fast & Lightweight

Near instant load time minimizes the user impact of your ads.

Our platform uses the latest and fastest technology that enables fast fill and low latency rates.

Real Time Metrics

See and manage your results immediately

Our personalized dashboard collects information to give you control of your ads and fine tune results that best suit your needs for you and your users.